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Attention: As of 5/4/19, we have switched servers because of economical reasons, sadly we have to give up IPv6 in order to keep this server going, sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to SuchZNC! We are a free, unlimited-network ZNC service, with many great features that stand out from other providers!


  • Unlimited IRC networks; Explore IRC without any network limit!
  • (Optional) Secure access to your personal IRC logs (using log module, if enabled); If you enable the log module, then you are eligible to be able to securely access over your logs, and have full control over them. (Logging disabled until further notice)
  • Huge global buffer limit; #MakeBuffersGreatAgain
  • Free personal IPv6 address for each user! (if you provide your own domain to use as an rDNS)** (IPv6 is sadly no longer available)
  • Internal channel support; Talk to any ZNC user, regardless on what network you’re in.
  • (In beta) ZNC webclient; Connect to your IRC network with the ZNC in the browser (Discontinued until further notice)
  • (Experimental) Tor support; Ever wanted to idle on an IRC hidden service? Well, you can!
  • We even provide a Tor hidden service to connect to the ZNC!

Sound interested? Then join our IRC channel to sign-up for a ZNC account! #SuchZNC @ freenode (Or use webchat)*

Native Spanish/Español speaker? Use our channel on hira, a Spanish IRC network.

* You must be registered & identified to freenode’s services to request a ZNC account. Your services account must be at least one week old.

** Because of concerns of abuse, once you have set a valid, custom rDNS for a specific network, you cannot revert back to the default suchznc.net rDNS and IP without admin approval.

Like the work that we do? Considering donating to us through dogecoin! @ DPtFqWi71m1MsEX89jhTkjkGrJo2C2o3Xm

Or, Through my PayPal. Your donations will be used to mainly help pay for the bills, and keep this service going.