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Unfortunately, this is the end of SuchZNC. As of 11/3/19, I have decided to officially begin shutting down the server, and on 12/3/19, the server will forever go offline. It was a nice time running this, but now it’s too much for me to handle as I have other things to attend to. I enjoyed running this, with the awesome users who loved the service, but eventually, things will have to go.

All user data, including passwords, logins, etc. Will be scrubbed on 1/1/20, lost forever. If you’re a user of SuchZNC, make sure you got EVERYTHING you need because on that date it will be gone forever, with any backups being scrubbed from the server.

Thank you, for choosing SuchZNC 🙂

If you are looking for a new home, then I’d recommend https://wiki.znc.in/Providers to find you a new home.

Edit: The server refuses to stay on longer than 5 minutes for some reason, so if it’s important that you need your server information, please go in freenode #suchznc, and PM me (nolsen), or leave a memo using MemoServ in freenode, and I will retrieve your servers/channels data.

If the server doesn’t come back online within this week, then the data deletion will happen on 12/15/19.