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If you’re a channel or network/server operator, and received abuse from one of these addresses:

  • suchznc.net
  • gateway/shell/suchznc/x-* (freenode)

Abuse from our ZNC service is relatively simple to handle, without causing disruption to legitimate users by banning the ZNC altogether. On identd-checking IRC networks such as freenode, all of our users on the ZNC server has a permanent ident, which is impossible to change, making ban evasions extremely difficult.

For channel operators, banning the abuser’s ident will be sufficient, or banning in a ident@host format. For freenode, just ban the abuser’s ident.

For IRC operators, a network/server-wide banning of their ident@host is sufficient.

Also, if you want to take things a step further, consider reporting the user to our IRC channel, #SuchZNC @ freenode, with logs, and the user’s ident. You can also send an email to nolsen@suchznc.net, (and preferable, but not required) add the title [Abuse Report].